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Welcome to Old School Hats, a place to buy true authentic vintage hats and caps, vintage custom hats and caps, pick a hat pick a patch and custom embroidery hats and caps.

100% customer satisfaction is our daily motivation!

10 years ago, I saw a dream manifesting but I could not quite connect the dots. I was a father wanting to stay connected with his son. I was a picker and spent most days at Goodwill. I had no idea what this journey had in store for us.
Suddenly he and I were a team in the sneaker game. From setting up booth at conventions, cleaning sneakers, selling sneakers all along me trying to teach my son entrepreneurship at age 13. After helping my son start up Atlanta vintage and now which he owns, I decided it was time for Old School Hats to be born and make a little extra money while working my full-time job.
It wasn’t until Covid hit that Old School Hats took a life of its own. Having five children, we were forced to make a “ make it or break it“ decision. Instead of losing everything I own are being forced onto a hat hoarding reality TV show I decided it was gods timing to release my dream. Finally after 40 years I found my passion. Hats hats and more hats.

My wife and I invest our heart and souls into Old School Hats we are family oriented and grateful that our oldest three children are employees of Old School Hats.

Dream until your dreams come true.

We are blessed to be a blessing!

We appreciate you for supporting a small business!

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