How Does Pick A Hat Pick A Patch Work?

How This Custom Hat Thing Works

You pick a patch, add it to the cart and pick a cap, add it to the cart and a rope if you decide also, just add it to the cart.

We sew and ship. Yep, it’s that simple.

1. You pick out a patch and a cap and a rope.

2. We sew your patch and cap plus if you picked a rope together and ship.

3. You receive your cap/hat and put it on. Instantly you're old school with a new look.

Patches are reserved for a cap only. Not sold alone. Please add a blank cap for patches.  If you do not see a patch or hat you like please text our customer service for options not available yet online.

Leather patches are also available.  Please text our customer service team for leather patch inquiry.  470-469-6001


We appreciate you for supporting a small business!

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